Entry to Microcosms 79’s contest. Prompt: The rain seems to be writing cryptic messages on my window panes. (#68) (300 words)   INSANITY It was just one of the many times Jane spent in the ... Read More


Entry to Cracked Flash Fiction on the 24th of June 2017. Prompt: “Why aren’t you obeying the laws of physics?” (261 words)   WICKED “Why aren’t you obeying the laws of physics?” he demand... Read More


There are days when my muse sits with me as a best friend would. Yesterday was one of those days. I sat back, closed my eyes for a few seconds, covered my face with my poncho for another second, moved... Read More

The Spell

In my quest to just keep writing, I do my best to write at least one flash fiction a week. Even when I find too lost to submit an entry for Microcosms, I write for Cracked Flash Fiction. Not all my fl... Read More