Enchanted Love

His eyes would be cold and lifeless when he arrives back from his ride in the forest.

The forest is where Prince Alejandro finds utter peace. Nature provides him the escape he needs from his responsibilities for which he isn’t sure he is ready. However, his talk with his father, King Eduardo lingers in his mind.

“Do you comprehend, Prince Alejandro?” inquires the king. Alejandro realizes the seriousness of the conversation the moment the king addresses him as Prince Alejandro so he gives his father his full attention. “You are to wed Annabella,” continues King Eduardo. “Her father is my good friend and we have agreed. There is also a more important reason for this marriage.” The king gives his son a stern look.

The prince lets out a slight sigh. He doesn’t want to alarm his father but he can’t seem to have a hold on his emotions lately. “I know, father,” the prince reassures the king. “This marriage between the sole heir—me—and heiress—Annabella—to the thrones of the two biggest kingdoms would make one massive, powerful and invincible dominion within the Asianic territories.” He repeats the words his father has told him many times. He is fully aware of the kingdom’s expectations of him.

The king smiles. “I’m pleased to know that we are on the same page.” He gives his son a pat on his back. “This is the perfect era for the implementation of our plan.”

Alejandro wonders how Annabella feels about the arrangement. The arrangement is devoid of love, something he believes must be the reason for two individuals to be together as one entity.

As if reading his mind, King Eduardo says, “Princess Annabella is looking forward to this union. King Felipe mentioned to me that his daughter is quite smitten with you.” The king gives a mischievous wink. “She thinks you are handsome and has the posture of a grand king.”

“Ah, father, this must have been said in jest.”

“You must query with her when you meet her. We have scheduled a day of fun for the two families to spend together.”


“A fortnight from tomorrow.” The king starts to walk away. “There is sufficient time for you to prepare,” the king adds as he leaves the library.

Indeed, the prince thinks to himself, I have time to prepare.

© Anna Jailene Aguilar

– to be continued –


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