If only for today


I must be insane to say I’ll never fall in love again. I’ll probably feel differently tomorrow. Maybe.

Today, it was fine to be my masochistic self. We were perfect in my make-believe world. I was in his arms. I felt his heartbeat. I smelled him. We had each other, passionately. That’s for me though. My desires.

I never did find out what he wanted. Did he want one for the road to remember the hot blonde girl he once desired but now wanted to cast aside? He didn’t know I’m really a redhead. What a jerk! Anyhow, I should have thanked him in advance, after he told me that today would be our last day together. He loved me, he said. It was fun but it was over. No third party. It was simply over.

Knowing we were together for one last time excited me immensely. I had not wanted him as much as I did today. It was the best ever experience I had with him. I didn’t think we’d have the energy and passion to utilize the whole chalet, all 36 square meters of it. And then some. Outside. Nothing can top our day that culminated in the greatest of our time together, out there in the wild, as we prepared to head out to the wilds, our raft only starting to rock slightly.

Luckily, he was predictable. Only my beautifully sculptured, strong body could tempt him to take off his life jacket. Like I didn’t know he was a weak swimmer. Dumb ass! Too stupid to break up with me on our white water rafting weekend away. One less oxygen thief.

C’est la vie. I feel good.

Ah, crazy. I might just be ready for a new love today still.

© Anna Jailene Aguilar

‘If only for today’ was my entry to last week’s challenge over at Microcosms. Do visit the site and there you’ll find all the great entries from truly terrific writers. I feel like I’m one of them. 🙂

Judge’s favorite line:
“Like I didn’t know he was a weak swimmer.”

Judge’s feedback, which for me says that I should keep writing (after all, practice will one day produce a bestselling crime novel, haha!):
Twists the story’s direction towards a deadly intent: made my scalp tingle.

Song title: I’ll Never Fall in Love Again
Setting: Sunwa River Lodge, Parys, Free State
Genre: Crime
294 words

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