Did you ever?

“This isn’t how I imagined us going,” I say to Darren. “Then again, life rarely goes according to my plans or desires. What about you?” I look at him. He makes no sound as he lies on the bed. “Don’t answer.” I chuckled.

Katharine McPhee’s song, “Better off alone”, plays softly in the background.

“So yeah,” I say, as the song ends, “did you ever love me? Probably not, right? Judging from your text message this afternoon. Sleeping with three other girls, you said. I know I said it’s fine. I have a toy boy to spend time with while you’re with one of the others. I lied. It’s not okay.”

“No, it isn’t okay,” I repeat, murmuring. I take my Smith and Wesson from the bedside table and look at it as though it’s going to talk to me. I feel a sense of anticipation mounting. Silence. I lie down beside the man I adore.

“Life’s lemons, people say… or do they say life’s demons? Whatever.” I kiss him on his frozen lips. “You said you liked me crazy. Me, too.” I grin widely. “I love me crazy.”

I put the gun on my head. I pull the trigger.

© Anna Jailene Aguilar


(294 words)

A bit of a morbid story for my birthday, I know. I’m strange like that. 🙂 This was my entry for last week’s Cracked Flash Fiction.

Thank you to hubby for letting me use him for the story’s image. I did what I could with what I have that I know how to use to make him as unrecognizable as possible… I think.

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