Silence didn’t always dominate.

In the beginning were caring conversations. One could hear and feel the love. Kind voice held hope.

Days that followed showed great promise but memory was short. Passing time brought dark gray clouds although silver lining peeked.

Tender thoughtful talks turned to appeals explicitly expressed. The cause was worth the compromise. Passion was slowly fading yet hope prevailed.

Doubts crept in.

The question had to be asked: is there love that’s true? For only true love can weather intense storms. Some things are worth the fight.

And the arguments!

If, at first, love was blind and couldn’t see flaws and shortcomings, it was later too blind to see the good that’s worth saving.

Angry altercations alternating with exhaustion-induced silence took residence. Hurt and loneliness permeated the air. Love that remained was concealed. If there was…

Was there, really, still?

What was left to fight for? For what reasons?

Silence set in. Unnoticed.

In the same space shared, the distance between grew.

Silence noticed. Ignored.

Unmoored, hopelessness pervaded.

It was not sudden. It was not out of the blue.

Slow death first unnoticed then ignored.

Death, in own hands, was an illusion.

© Anna Jailene Aguilar

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