Entry to Microcosms 79’s contest.
Prompt: The rain seems to be writing cryptic messages on my window panes. (#68)
(300 words)



It was just one of the many times Jane spent in the casino. It was a year since she suspected that a depression relapse was imminent. It was exactly a month since her nervous breakdown.

She wasn’t hospitalized. She only cried hysterically when it happened. She went to her doctor and was immediately put on medication for anxiety and depression. Then, she made her way to the casino to gamble. The days she didn’t go to the casino in the past month were few. Gambling was something fun to do; an expensive fun. She thought she could have gone on a shopping spree in Paris but she kept gambling even when she lost every day. She was spiraling out of control. It occurred to her that she could be going crazy.

She had occasionally mused that perhaps she was always a little insane. She believed that the rain wrote cryptic messages on her window panes. She was convinced she had multiple personalities. She was happy to talk to herself. She knew it was expected of her to conform to society but it pleased her to question the status quo. She enjoyed her eccentricity and weirdness. She could go from happy to miserable, and vice versa, in a matter of minutes.

However, despite her idiosyncrasy, Jane was compassionate and affectionate. She was their parents’ favorite daughter so most of the family fortune was left to her. Being Jane, she happily shared everything with her two older sisters who started to express their worry about Jane’s mental health. They told Jane that they feared the possible consequences of her apparent irresponsibility. She dismissed their concern with a beaming smile and tight hugs.

Still, they made sure they continued to enjoy Jane’s inheritance. They did not wait for their sister’s medication to work.

© Anna Jailene Aguilar

Here’s what the judge said:

This was a tough week to judge. It was so much fun to see how all of the talented flashdogs incorporated their lines into their pieces. It was a fun change not to be tied to genre and prompts, but it was also challenging. When the prompt is wide-open, it can be even more difficult to decide what to write about. Thanks for having me on as guest judge. I enjoyed reading all of the entries!

The flash fiction above was actually the shortened form of a much longer writing that I think might make into my non-fiction/memoir that’s currently one of my WIPs. Here is the link to it.

Anyway, the judge’s favorite line was:

She could go from happy to miserable, and vice versa, in a matter of minutes.

My favorite line is the prompt but it’s not mine. 🙂

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