Someday (a reprise | revised)


When I feel I’m worthy

I will tell you who I really am

Express how I truly feel deep down

Instead of hiding behind that phony smile

When I feel confident

I will undoubtedly have no qualms

To convey to you what I deserve and want

Not merely accepting that which I hate or dislike

When I feel courageous

I will say what I want with valiance

Impervious to fear of being looked down

Resolute in my faith on the vision of love in my mind

When I feel I’ll be fine

Whether you agree or think me crazy

For holding on to a heart that belongs not to now

Not fazed that I’m nurturing an illusion or a miscalculation

When love’s all that matters

Neither forced, partial nor restricted

Not dictated by what insignificant others think

I will live with this love in my life, blissfully at peace

When love is all that matters

When I feel undeniably fine

Courageously confident

When I am worthy


If only you had stayed

Instead, you’re gone

There’s no someday


© Anna Jailene Aguilar


Original poem first appeared here.
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