There are days when my muse sits with me as a best friend would. Yesterday was one of those days. I sat back, closed my eyes for a few seconds, covered my face with my poncho for another second, moved... Read More


Not ever will I Radiate like the sun and stars Or beauty queen’s charm No matter how hard I try Save perhaps my beaming smile   Though reason limits That heart contains none but love Utmost... Read More

Autumn Rain

Autumn Rain Dark, cold and rainy But golden leaves I should see Did someone curse me? Wet winter not our normal Yet it’s here, even early © Anna Jailene Aguilar This Tanka first appeared as part of... Read More


By now I should know Me, myself, I.  My head, too. Still often tangled Questions asked are left waiting Searching for answers. Thinking. Always pondering High-strung spirit prevailing Not unhappily B... Read More

Why not?

Why? Why must I ask why? When I know most of the time, The answers make me ask more why… I really try to ponder The reason for this life Will there ever be bright skies? After the clouds have gone b... Read More